Food for Progress is a partner for changing the food logic all over the world.

We are doing that by co-creating, developing and producing food that allows us to thrive within the planetary boundaries.

Change is needed. Now. The time is way beyond talking, writing plans and publishing strategies. For us, action is what counts. It‘s what we’re all about.

A new food logic

Our goal is one planet food
Our mission is to imagine better
Our communication is never polarising
Our business is co-creation

Our Starting Point - The Anthropocene

This is a three-minute introduction to the state of the world. This is why Food for Progress does what it does. Humans are the prime drivers of global environmental change, and we have to get in line with the planetary boundaries. We don’t need any more information to get started, we just need to act. We hope you feel as passionately about the next chapter of this story as we do. The story of creating a safe operation space for all of humanity.

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