Food for Progress Scandinavia AB

+46 (0) 771-86 86 00

Head office

Box 154
595 22 Mjölby

Visiting address: Kanikegatan 15, 595 41 Mjölby

Stockholm office

Birger Jarlsgatan 18
114 34 Stockholm

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Our Story

Once, there was an owner of a medium sized family business, who for years had dared to produce the most progressive food alongside ordinary products. Back in 2012, he met a slightly mad woman who thought of food as a power tool for creating massive positive change. After getting extremely frustrated by bright ideas stopping at just ideas, they formed Food for Progress, with the aim of becoming a global role model in creating positive impact through food.

The initiators knew that two individuals alone could never achieve such an ambition. Therefore, first thing they did was gathering all forces. In house, and through the biggest possible network. They believed that if true change is the goal, together is the way forward. Our interpretation of the concept of co-creation was born. With that as our core value, we are challenging business as usual and creating a new food logic. A logic of hard core doing.

We’ve set out to make a wide variety of irresistible foodstuff available, in true co-creation with others, all with the aim of making food that makes 9 billion people and just 1 planet functional.

Let’s co-create a new food logic!