The Oumph! launch

The Oumph! launch


Food for Progress knew they had one of the best innovations from the plant kingdom in their hands. A power tool to move consumption towards One Planet Food. They also knew that no one had yet used the full power of taste, design and communication to change the norm. Futerra was invited to use their skills as a change agency as if it was their own product. And they chose to bring more cutting edge creative people to the table, among them the design gurus from Snask. Sales Support joined forces and added their whole knowledge and sales organisation to boost the market introduction.


Change the way we see vegetarian food. Lead the way for the green protein shift. Put a plant based product on the market that attracts a much wider audience by marketing taste and attitude rather than health and sustainability.


To create real sustainable change, we need to drive new consumption patterns. Therefore, we chose to position the brand towards flexitarians (meat eaters), rather than only focusing on the obvious vegan and vegetarian crowds. With the help of strong partners and ambassadors we managed to create a pull from a wide crowd, securing distribution in both the retail and food service.


In 2016 Oumph! won “Grocery of the year award” with the following motivation:

“Soya-protein is presented in a completely new way and turns a green commodity into “every day food”. The success of Oumph! shows that when sustainable alternatives are tasty, attractive and marketed with unexpected methods, the world can change, one meal at a time”.

The same year Oumph! contributed to a 24% category growth.