Max Hamburgers

Max Hamburgers


Food for Progress’ strategy was to build with the strong players in the fast food sector. To show a wide audience, in a normally meat focused world, how tasty plant based food can be. And get the communication power engine going.

Max Hamburgers know they are part of the problem and want to be part of the solution. They had searched all over the world for a plant based option that they believed in. It had to be absolutely brilliant. As tasty as their normal burgers.


Max Hamburgers was determined to put great tasting vegan and vegetarian options on the menu, making 1/3 of the sales something other than red meat by 2020.


Max Hamburgers created the Green-family. A product line consisting of five brand new products. An Oumph! BBQ Sandwich headlined the campaign, with a Crispy Mexican Bean Burger right behind it. Both products being delivered by Food for Progress.


“The launch of the Green-family is the most successful launch we’ve ever done, both in terms of new guests, increase of sales and positive effect on our brand.”

Christoffer Bergfors, Vice President, Max Hamburgers Sweden