Food for Progress wanted to create a high impact showcase of true co-creation with a strong retail actor. Norgesgruppen had big plans of expanding the plant based product line and a big demand from consumers that had tasted Oumph!


To drive change and sustainable development in the retail industry in Norway, by putting tasty, easily accessible plant based alternatives on the market.


Norgesgruppen and Food for Progress met on the highest level. Category and communication managers from all chains came together for a start-up meeting, boosting energy into the organisation. Energy that spread across all of the chains. Media content was built together. Good listings ensured a quick and strong access to close to 50 % of the market through four retail chains: Kiwi, MENY, Spar and Joker.


Oumph! contributed to a 22% category growth, despite having entered the market as late as week 38.

“Oumph! sold four times as much as Pizza Grandiosa the first week it was available at MENY Ringnes Park in Oslo. This is one of the most successful launches we’ve ever had!”

Vegard Kjuus, CEO, MENY AS Norway