Food for Progress’ strategy was to nail the most “unobvious” first access point in the restaurant sector. We wanted to create a big buzz. So what could be better than the biggest sports bar chain in our country! O’Learys had been searching for a tasty plant based option for their otherwise meaty menu. For them, Oumph! was love at first sight. A great combination to start co-creating!


Introduce a new line of products in order to attract wider target groups and strengthen the brands.


In co-creation we made five new Oumph!-dishes, tweaking the classic O’Learys style. Instead of adding a vegetarian alternative, we made Oumph! a genuine part of the traditional O’Learys menu. The launch was highlighted in the restaurants, followed by a joint PR strategy.


“We have had a fantastic response both from vegetarians and those who eat meat. I would like to say that we never had this much positive feedback on a product launch before.”

Annette Linderoth – Purchasing Manager, O’Learys Trademark Sweden