The power of words and taste

The power of words and taste


To ignite positive change, both words and taste are vitally important. For people to be able to choose high quality products they must be able to identify them, both in shops and in restaurants. And they must be able to remember them; which is why a name that won’t be forgotten or mixed up with others – in real life and on social media – is crucial.


To accelerate the speed of the green protein shift and gain sustainable growth by inspiring partners, restaurants and consumers to use the brand name Oumph!. Both in their products and menus, and when they talk about it both in real life and on social media.


Food for Progress branded all dishes that were promoted in the shops and on the Oumph! social media channels with Oumph! – Pulled Oumph! Burger, Oumph! Fennel Salad etc. – to lead the way. Sales meetings and materials showed just how powerful connecting a unique word to amazing products was. Workshops were held with big key actors to inspire them to become role models.


All around Scandinavia, and now spreading to new markets, an amazing number of restaurants choose to put Oumph! on their menus. Both small independent restaurants, and big ones like O’Learys, the biggest sport bar chain, and Gröna Lund and Liseberg, the biggest amusement parks etc. Co-creation partners like Wrapson and Norgesgruppen have become role models for co-branding prepared meals. And consumers are continually sharing Oumph!, both in real life and on social media.

It has become standard to name dishes using the brand name Oumph! alongside the product. This has boosted the business in both retail and foodservice, and moved a new audience into eating plant based food. Oumph! has proven itself to be a powerful tool in shifting our diets in the direction of One Planet Food.