February 5, 2018

​Food for Progress recruits from KRAV

Swedish Food for Progress, with brands like Oumph! and Beat, hires Nina Nilsson as Market Coordinator UK. Nina comes from a position as Account Manager Processing & International Trade at KRAV, a key player in the organic market in Sweden.

– We are delighted to have Nina on board. The match between our values, and Nina’s experience of sustainable food and exports, makes her fit well into the continued development of the company, both in Sweden and in the UK, says Lennart Bjurström at Food for Progress.

KRAV has been a key player in the organic market in Sweden since 1985. They develop organic standards and promote the KRAV-label. Nina Nilsson has held several roles at KRAV, most recently Account Manager Processing & International Trade. As Market Coordinator at Food for Progress, her responsibilities will include coordinating the marketing activities of the company in the UK, where Oumph! was launched in September. Nina will be part of the company’s Sales & Marketing Team.

– Food for Progress is a company at the forefront with a new mindset on sustainable food and entrepreneurship. The industry has developed rapidly in recent years, and there is a need for companies that dare to “go outside the box” to find new ways forward, says Nina Nilsson.

– At KRAV I witnessed how the organic market exploded and now we see the global market for plant-based food growing massively. I see great potential in making a difference at a company like Food for Progress. Oumph! has already grown by more than 500% since its launch in 2014. Since the UK is 6 times larger than Sweden, I look forward to being involved in developing that particular market, says Nina Nilsson.

Food for Progress produces Oumph! and Beat. Oumph! is currently available in countries such as Sweden, the UK, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland.

For more information, please contact:
Lennart Bjurström, Heart of People & Process, Food for Progress
+46(0)70-832 01 66, lennart.bjurstrom@foodforprogress.com

Nina Nilsson, Market Coordinator UK, Food for Progress
+46(0)72-337 77 37, nina.nilsson@foodforprogress.com