September 10, 2015

A playful, ambitious approach to societal challenges earns Food for Progress the 2015 Food Industry Award

“Food for Progress Scandinavia wins the Food Industry Award for launching their product Oumph! with a playful yet ambitious approach. Keeping a close eye on societal challenges, an interdisciplinary team has approached sustainability with both respect and ambition.

Oumph! is a bean-based raw material that has been developed with a clear focus on texture and consistency with the aim of appealing even to meat-lovers.

Oumph! is a good example of an investment that is in line with current environmental and health trends, and that, by way of ambitious product development and impressive communication, is committed to helping the growing crowd of curious food consumers seeking to find ways to more sustainable consumption.”

That is how the Food Industry Association motivated awarding the 2015 Food Industry Award to Food for Progress at the Food Days in Tylösand, which brought together more than 350 participants from the industry. Anders “Ankan” Lindén, Toke Fonsbøl, Anders Wallerman and Anna-Kajsa Lidell collected the award, after which all guests were treated to an energetic tasting by Oumph!’s crew.

“I am incredibly proud of the team that managed to achieve just that. Instead of worrying about what others do and what statistics indicate is successful, we have dared to place our trust in what we believe. What has not yet been proven. Together, we have managed to inspire great cooperation with extremely talented people in different areas. And create the co-creation with our customers that allows us to really drive the green protein shift together,” says Anders Wallerman, co-founder of Food for Progress.

Facts about the Food Industry Award

Since 1964, the Food Industry Association has been awarding the annual Food Industry Award to individuals, organisations or companies that enhance the competitiveness and development of the food industry in an inspiring and innovative way.

Former winners include Swedish kött, Findus, Lantmännen, Eskil Erlandsson and Mackmyra Whisky.

The Food Industry Association also selects the Scout of the Year from among those who nominate candidates for the Food Industry Award. Elén Faxö, Food Industry Accelerator at SP Food & Bioscience, received the 2015 Scout of the Year Award.

For more information, please contact:

Anders Wallerman, Founder, Food for Progress, +4670-305 33 00

Anna-Kajsa Lidell, Founder, Food for Progress, +4670-892 32 65

Ingela Stenson, President, The Food Industry Association, +4670-724 09 78

Lisa Rudin, Director, The Food Industry Association, +4670-606 70 45