January 30, 2018

After Oumph! comes… the Oumph! pizza!

We are now introducing two new fully plant-based frozen pizzas in Swedish stores: Oumph! Grilled Style Pizza and Oumph! Italian Style Pizza. The pizzas have great crust, are baked in wood-fired brick ovens and topped with Oumph! Fast and good food that fills your stomach and also benefits the environment.

– Our objective is to ensure that more people eat plant-based food. We believe in mouth-watering environmentally-friendly food. With these awesome pizzas, we hope to reach far beyond the vegetarian counter, to brand new customer groups, says Anna-Kajsa Lidell at Food for Progress, the company behind Oumph!

The Oumph! pizzas feature an Italian tomato sauce base and plant-based organic cheese type topping from Violife, both on a great crust where the dough is hand stretched and baked in a wood-fired brick oven.

Oumph! Italian Style Pizza, as the name suggests, is inspired by Italy with semi-dried tomatoes, rocket, and thyme and garlic seasoned Oumph!

Oumph! Grilled Style Pizza has a distinctive barbecue flavour, without being too spicy. It has a topping of grilled peppers and red onion, and Oumph!

Place the frozen pizza directly from the freezer (unwrapped) on a baking tray in the middle of a preheated oven (Electric 220 °C/Hot Air 200 °C) for 7-9 minutes. Done!

– There is an increasing demand for plant-based options. With all due respect to slow-cooking, often we have not got the time. Then we need fast, good and decent food. Like Oumph! pizza, says Anna-Kajsa Lidell.

The Oumph! pizzas are launched in Sweden from week 7. You will find them in the pizza freezer at Bergendahls (City gross) and the vegetarian freezer of about 100 Coop supermarkets. The pizzas are also available at some Ica stores. The pizzas are 400 grams and yours from SEK 47.90.

Find out more about Oumph here!

For more information, please contact:

Anna-Kajsa Lidell, Co-founder & Head of Progress Strategy, Food for Progress
anna-kajsa.lidell@foodforprogress.com, +4670-892 32 65

Fredrika Fredmark, Head of Public Relations at Food for Progress
fredrika.fredmark@foodforprogress.com, +46703-191512