February 15, 2021

Away with the new, in with the newer

The first quarter of 2021 has taken off and now more than ever is the time to change the world of food, grant people hope, and lead the way towards long-lasting life on Earth. Here’s an update from us at Food for Progress.

Our goal as a company is to create a new food paradigm, and we are doing it right now. This summer we sold our brand creation Oumph! – our biggest innovation yet – to the international LIVEKINDLY co and we could not have imagined a better organization to team up with as we have. The sale has given us loads of new inspiration and energy to kick off new exciting initiatives, which in the future will result in more new, tasty, exciting, and even more sustainable products that will make the planet, and people cheer for a long time.

The new Doers

Who will create the next recipes for success? Last Autumn we put together an international team of skilled product developers, all with very different backgrounds now working out of both our HQ in Mjölby and our Stockholm city center office. We can barely wait to introduce all of these bright minds more thoroughly but in short, they all share the obsession of creating plant-based and people/planet-friendly foods, showing equally big excitement about something innocent as beechnuts or microalgae. They will without a doubt turn both forgotten and unexplored ingredients into food made to last, dense in nutrition, and with flavors to die for.

A production dream comes true

Soon, very soon, we will be producing our products in a new ultra-modern CO2 certified plant-based food factory, exact location yet to be revealed but be sure that it is still right here on the plains of beautiful Sweden.

Private label and contract manufacturing have always been and will continue to be an essential part of our strategy and core business. Collaboration and mass balance are essential to create optimal conditions and drive the production shift even further than we already have. With the new factory, we will be able to add additional value in terms of sustainability and production methods to many different assortment lines. With integrated new digital technology, our upcoming production facility is going to increase our overall capacity and make delivery precision and product safety higher than ever.

Business as unusual

We are having the most fun when we collaborate with innovators and companies who share our values and passion, and our mission is to create amazing plant-based food that contributes to the green protein shift. We strongly believe in co-creation and always aim to formulate a working model that is tailored to create success for all involved. All collaborations are unique, and the ways we work and innovate as a team should reflect that. The road for such collaborations can be groundbreaking, and we want to continue down that road.

So, is our next Co-Creation in cooperation with you? Do you want to change the world of food with us? Do you have ideas you want to bounce? No matter where you are in the process of bringing your product to the shelves, we believe we can help you. With that said, reach out if you or someone you know is ready to embark on a journey with us.

Until next time, take care out there.