June 28, 2017

Everything you need to know about perfectly barbecuing Oumph!

Feel like barbecuing Oumph? But not sure how to do it? No worries, it is super easy. Here are five tips for a really awesome BBQ!

1. How long should I barbecue Oumph!?
When you grill Oumph! you never need to be worried it’s going to be too raw. It is done when the pieces have a nice colour and, which usually takes a few minutes. Exactly how long depends on the temperature. For the best result, barbecue the pieces fast on a high temperature.

2. What varieties of Oumph! are possible to barbecue?
Every variety of Oumph! works perfectly to barbecue. You can either go for one of the unflavoured kinds and make a marinade yourself, or you can grill the already flavoured ones. Then if possible, it will be even easier; just take it out from the freezer, thaw, and barbecue!

3. Spice? Marinate? Rub? What is best if I want to barbecue an unflavoured Oumph?
All three work but a wet marinade works best with Oumph!. It is favourable to let the pieces of Oumph! chunk or filet boiling the marinade for a few minutes to give it an intense flavour from the marinade. If you have the time you can marinate over night, but it is not necessary.

4. How do I barbecue smaller Oumph! pieces?
Small veggies and Oumph! is easiest to grill on a barbecue grid. An alternative is to barbecue in a muurikka. If you don’t have a muurikka a pan works just as well. Oumph! is also tasty in different foil packages.

5. How do I prevent Oumph! from sticking?
Some classic tips: make sure to have a hot grid and to spray or brush the grid with some oil before you start barbecuing.

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