June 16, 2017

Food for Progress in research collaboration on sustainable food consumption

The Swedish Foundation for Environmental Strategic Research, Mistra, provides 45 million for research into sustainable consumption. Food for Progress, along with other sustainability food pioneers, such as ICA, Max and Oatly, will provide quick feedback to researchers about what works in practice that will move sustainable food consumption from niche to mainstream.

“This is an incredibly important research project. As industry partners, we represent a growing number of food actors who have come to the same insight; if we are to create a more sustainable world, we must find ways to reach the great masses with sustainable food consumption – it is of little use to keep preaching to the choir. At Food for Progress, we are also convinced that the smartest solutions are created together, says Lennart Bjurström at Food for Progress.

The purpose of the four-year research project entitled “Sustainable consumption – from niche to mainstream” is to get more people to start consuming sustainable food, furnishing and vacationing. Mistra invests SEK 45 million in the program and the research will be led by the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm in collaboration with Lund University and Chalmers.

Large and small companies in the food industry (ICA, Oatly, Food for Progress and Max) and furnishings (IKEA, Hemtex, Svenssons in Lammhult, Retuna, Second Hand Second Hand) are included. Tourism organizations are also included (Stena Line, Vingresor, Western Visitor Center, Visita and Central Travel Agency) as well as government agencies and civil society organizations.

Food for Progress is a Swedish food company that is united in the drive to create delicious, healthy and climate-smart food that will sustain all people on Planet Earth. In recent years, the company has won great achievements with awards such as the Food Price 2015 and the 2016 Food Product of The Year Award. Food for Progress manufactures food products under the brands Oumph! And Beat.

“This gives us a unique opportunity to explore and test solutions for sustainable consumption, together with public actors, civil society and industry. Therefore, we have chosen to collaborate with partners already in the process of converting to more sustainable consumption, “says Åsa Svenfelt, Associate Professor at the Environmental Strategy Analysis Department at KTH.

For more information, please contact:
Lennart Bjurström, Heart of People & Process, +46 708-320166