May 15, 2017

Oumph! won “Nicest New Product” in Norwegian The Nice Awards

Swedish food company Food for Progress won the “Nicest New Product” category with their Pulled Oumph! product in The Nice Awards, Norway’s first vegan competition. The prize was awarded on Saturday at the Oslo Vegetarian Festival.

The Nice Awards is a new competition organised by Vegan Norway to celebrate vegan-friendly companies and organisations. The winner is voted for by the people. Oumph!/Food for Progress was nominated x3 in the competition: for Pulled Oumph! and Oumph! The Filet in “Nicest New Product” and in the category “Nicest Brand.” So, Pulled Oumph! wins as the “Nicest New Product” of the year.

– The Nice Awards has an impressive list of nominated companies, organisations and individuals that drive a positive development. We are thrilled and proud to be in such fine company! We are of course all the more thrilled that so many have voted for Oumph!, says Carl Montelius, Sales Manager at Food for Progress.

Food for Progress and Oumph! have in recent years been very successful in Sweden with awards such as the 2015 Food Industry Award and the 2016 Grocery of the Year. The launch of Oumph! in Norway in the fall of 2016 was a remarkable success and the first week, some stores sold more Oumph! than Grandiosa. Since then, more and more Norwegians have discovered the product. Earlier this year, Oumph! was also one of three finalists for Kiwi’s Health Award GULLroten.

– Oumph! was amazingly received by the Norwegian consumers. Let us roll up our sleeves and work even harder to drive the development towards healthy and sustainable food in Norway and in the world, says Carl Montelius.

Find out more about The Nice Awards here.

Video from Saturday’s award ceremony.

About Oumph! Oumph! is food from the plant kingdom. Made of soybeans. Oumph! is part of a wider context. A context we call Food for Progress. Food for Progress joins forces to produce enough tasty, nutritious and climate-friendly food to feed all people on earth. In addition to Oumph!, we also produce Beat. Find out more about Oumph here!

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