September 26, 2017

Susanne Ekstedt from RISE is Food for Progress’ new top recruitment

Swedish food company Food for Progress, with brands like Oumph! and Beat, recruits Susanne Ekstedt as Head of Innovation. Susanne comes from RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden.

Susanne Ekstedt is a well-known name in the Swedish food sector with solid experience in all kinds of development projects throughout the industry spectrum. She comes from a position as Innovation Leader at RISE, where she previously was responsible for innovation-oriented projects and positions at SP Food & Bioscience and SIK – Swedish Institute for Food and Biotechnology.

– The fact that we have managed to recruit someone of Susan’s calibre proves that our innovative approach to creating a sustainable food system attracts good people, says Lennart Bjurström at Food for Progress and continues:

– Susanne is the right woman in the right place. She is well acquainted with the entire innovation system, in both academia and the public sector, and is experienced in everything from business development and research to industry-wide projects with aquatic food, dairy and meat products.

– I am incredibly keen on taking the step from academia to a company that really is at the forefront. It is also an exciting new area, not only because it concerns plant based, but also because Food for Progress represents an entirely new way of thinking about the development towards sustainable food and the need for a whole new food logic, says Susanne Ekstedt.

Susanne Ekstedt started on 18 September and will be part of the management team of the company.

Food for Progress is a Swedish food company that seek to produce tasty and nutritious food that everyone on the planet can eat, forever. Food for Progress has in recent years been very successful with awards such as the 2015 Food Industry Award and the Oumph! brand was awarded the 2016 Food Product of the Year.

Oumph! is currently available in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Iceland and was recently launched at Whole Foods UK.

For more information, please contact:

Lennart Bjurström, Heart of People & Process, Food for Progress


Susanne Ekstedt, Head of Innovation, Food for Progress