November 16, 2017

Try Oumph! at Thanksgiving Fair, Whole Foods Market Camden

Meet award-winning plant-based Oumph! at Whole Foods Market Camden Town in London this Saturday, as the store hosts a vegan Thanksgiving Fair.

The day will offer an indulgence in Thanksgiving treats as part of World Vegan Month, and to make sure to get you in the festive spirit!

Saturday, 18th November, 11am – 7pm, Whole Foods Market Camden Town, Parkway, London NW1 7PN.

More information about the event here.

The Oumph! team will be sampling Pulled Oumph! on corn nacho crisps topped with pickled red onion. 

About Oumph!

Oumph! is made from soya beans. It’s completely plant-based, free from gluten, dairy and nuts.

The Oumph! range of products are easy to cook. They are versatile and suitable to grill, boil, sauté, deep-fry or heat over an open fire.

The Pure Oumph! comes in three varieties: The Chunk, The Strip and The Filet. Pure Oumph! contains nothing but soya protein concentrate, water and salt.

Spicy Oumph! is an entire range of Oumph! products, seasoned with our own spice mixes such as: Pulled Oumph!, Thyme & Garlic, Kebab Spiced, Salty & Smoky, Tandoori BBQ, Tarragon & Lemon, Grill Spiced and Bibim Oumph!

Oumph! at Whole Foods Market

Four varieties are part of the initial launch at Whole Foods Market in the UK: Pulled Oumph!, Thyme & Garlic, Kebab Spiced and The Chunk.

Oumph! is part of a wider concept within Food for Progress and a tool for igniting positive change in the way we create, prepare and enjoy good food on a global scale.

Read more about Oumph! here!