A new food logic

We are humans. We only have one planet, and we need to eat in a way that allows us all to thrive within the planetary boundaries, while at the same time fulfilling all the Global Goals.

We believe in taking up that challenge by co-creating with partners who want the same thing as we do. When we open up, share risk, opportunities and resources, we multiply our common leverage. For us, it is a methodology for driving innovation and sustainable growth.
And maximising impact.

Progress Playground

Since impact is what matters, we always try to innovate, whether it is new methods, communications, business models or changing norms.

We have an extensive network of progress addicts, ranging from farmers to scientists, dieticians to NGO’s and entrepreneurs. All sorts of legendary people with a perspective and urge to make a difference with their abilities and knowledge.

Within collaborations we always try to get all the important people in one room. Together we find common goals and ambitions and start acting on them. By accepting that the obvious sometimes is not enough, we create the playground to figure out the not obvious solutions to accelerate a positive change.

Progress Playground is our concept of innovation, done whenever possible.
Next time we hope you are involved!